Sea Glass - Electric Melt Warmer

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Electric wax melt warmers are now stocked instore and on our website

Candle Warmers. Electric Melt Warmers provide a safe, clean and efficient way to enjoy the aroma of our soy wax melts and soy wax shots.

Designed with you in mind, These Aromatic Wax Melt Warmers operate at a constant temperature, enabling your soy wax melts to gently melt to liquid and reveal their exquisite aroma.

Designed to the highest standard and manufactured from best quality ceramic from Candle Warmers International.


Safe to handle when in use, remains cool to touch

Eliminates volatile naked flames

Temperature of the warmer does not vary when left on continuously and will not overheat


Simply turn on the Wax Melt Warmer and place your melt into the bowl. To remove the melt, allow to cool and harden, then replace as desired.


Rated at less than 9 watts of power Fully insulated internal wiring system One year guarantee on electrical components


Keep out of reach of children and pets Remove labels and packaging from the melt before use