Egyptian Blend - Tutankhamum- 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Tutankhamen - Egyptian King

Our 100% Pure Essential Oil blend has been created with the intention of

Tutankhamen - Our Oil instates "Balance"

According to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, essential oils were used thousands of years ago to heal the sick and used for many spiritual rituals. The Egyptians believed that the sense of smell through inhalation of essential oils can increase one's frequency, and connection the Divine connector to enlightenment -  thereby leading to transformation of negative energy as well as transmitting higher powers throughout the Gods and Goddess. They used essential oils to rule and create positive mind sets throughout the time of ruling.



myrrh (commiphora myrrha), sandalwood (amyris balsamifera ), frankincense (boswelia carterii)

Maybe useful for: Tutankhamun is the Egyptian pharaoh for Balance, these are the oils used by him.

How to use: 5 drops in a diffuser, or 1 drop in 5mls of massage oil and apply to skin

Precautions: Not to be ingested. External use only


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