Citrus Cleanse - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

Essentially Yours Aromatherapy


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Our Lastest Blend Release for Essentially Yours Aromatherapy.
Citrus Cleanse, is an Energizing combination of 100% Essentials Oils formulated to boost energy, creativity, positive mindsets.
A Cleansing Blend to restore and refresh any space! Available in our 10ml 100% Pure Essential Oils

Citrus Cleanse

lemon (citrus aurantifolia), orange (citrus sinensis), lime (citrus aurantifolia), pink grapefruit (citrus paradise)

Maybe useful for: uplifting and when diffused through the home a citrus burst

How to use: 5 drops in a diffuser or 10 drops in a 100ml of water in a spray bottle

Precautions: Not to be ingested. External use only