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Handmade Essential Incense - 10 pack

Our very own Candle Man has been at it again and created our Very Own INCENSE range infused with our Essential Blends, over 12 months has been devoted to getting this range up and running and we are now proud to show everyone the end result!

Each Packet has been handcrafted in-store and when we say each packet we mean it, from the Incense Rolling to Essential Oil Selection, Drying and even making all the bags each product has been handmade with LOVE!!!

Each Incense stick burns for Approx. 1 hour each and they smell divine! Our Incense does not fill the room with smoke hence why we love it so much. Available in all of our different blends and only $4 per pack of 10.

 Try it out for another way to Fragrance your World


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