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Wax Crumbles
By Scent Your World

Our Wax Crumbles have been developed to be the highest
fragranced Wax Melts on the market.
Our Wax Crumbles are blended with up to 35% Scent in each packet
Giving you the ultimate melt experience.
Generally Melts are between 8 to 10% Scent. 

Simply scoop the desired amount into your favourite wax warmer
or oil burner and enjoy Scenting Your World with these amazing Wax Crumbles
Presented in easy to use resealable 100gram packet with scoop provided
Approx 80+ Hours Scent Time per pack

100% Pure Essential Oils were combined over 10 years ago
to create the perfect mozzie blend. The heart is eucalyptus oil
blended with all natural Australian grown essential oils.
Also can assist in fighting off symptoms of colds and flus

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